The Lorelei


  • Release date: 2011-05-16
  • Label: Fat Hippy Records

The brilliant new 14 track studio album from the mighty Lorelei…



1. Endescapology

2. Love is Blind

3. Singer Sings

4. Monday

5. Song for the Boy

6. Waiting to Play

7. Liar

8. Hack Yourself

9. Needle Soul

10. A2B

11. Tricks

12. Molly

13. Walk Like a Child

14. Hurt Myself


After a long break, this CD shows that the Lorelei have not lost their originality, musicality and sense of fun. Appropriately named “Faces”, it reflects the large following that they have gathered in their many live performances across the UK. Great combination of rock, folk and sheer energetic enjoyment. An excellent buy to complement their live shows.


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