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Episode 2

Live at Captain Toms

We’re really excited about this one. We will be appearing on Episode 2 of Live at Captain Toms. Another fantastic idea coming out of the home of Aberdeen music! Live At Captain Toms is a FREE online streamed live music show broadcast live from Captain Toms studios in Aberdeen. Streamed…

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The Lorelei’s review of 2013

So another year comes to an end and it has been another good one for all of us at The Lorelei. It has been a year of revisiting old favourites, introductions to new places and the beginnings of our next album. We kicked off the year with a storming gig…

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A summer with The Lorelei

It has been a fantastic summer for us at The Lorelei. We have been pretty busy (by our standards) and 2013 has seen the return to a few old haunts as well as a welcome assault of some fantastic new venues and events. Here is a bit of a run…