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The Lorelei live at Bannermans

Capital Cities Tour: Part 3

Rob Hackett Lorelei SoundcheckThe soundman for tonight was Rob Hackett, a professional with a patient manner and a positive approach helped get us going with another smooth and easy soundcheck (maybe they aren’t as boring as we made them out to be in Part 1!)

Soundcheck done, settled in to the upstairs flat that Bannermans kindly provide and booze replenished for the night ahead we were ready for night 2 of the Capital Cities tour and opening proceedings again were our travelling companions and label mates Craig John Davidson and Dirty Shoes.

CJD, looking like he had slept for about 10 minutes in the last 48 hours and following a busking incident with a whip cracking cowboy, gave another fantastic performance with his haunting acoustic sound whilst Dirty Shoes managed to somehow surpass their Half Moon excellence with another great set straight out of mid 90s Manchester….great great stuff.

The Lorelei BannermansOur turn again and the gig was a grower. A new crowd are always quite hard but they were lifted with some new tunes and the oldies saw them singalong and dance like the best of them, great moments and great memories. One of the highlights had to be Keith’s new drum arrangement and the end of perfect World is something that will be remembered for it sheer double bass drummed energy for a very long time. Slayer meets the Pogues if ever you heard it!!!!!! The crowd response also gave John the chance to be at his daftest very best and kept the crowd and band highly amused throughout the evening.

Back up stairs afterwards to end the night with the swapping of stories, some revolting wine that would have been downed 15 years ago but was not getting past our more mature pallets these days, some poor impressions (including one of a folded omelette?!?!?!) and a lot of laughter and the adventure was nearly ended.

The Lorelei make it homeOne last night together in a big shared room where John spent the night listening to The Lorelei’s snore chorus (in perfect harmony of course) then it was the last few miles home, unpacking the van and a see you soon until the next practice.

Happy days. Too short? Yes. Not done often enough? Yes. Worth every second and every moment cherished. Absolutely yes. But next time can we have a Diane with us. We missed you lovely lady.

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